Read Baby Squirrel Is Good At Everything Novel Read Baby Squirrel Is Good At Everything Novel. Baby Squirrel is one of the most popular novels these days.

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Synopsis Baby Squirrel is Good at Everything Novel

Bitty is a weak squirrel born into a family of lions.

Because of that, I spent days in agony at my aunt’s house in the royal capital.
When she tells Prince II, her only friend and her fiancée, that she is leaving to pursue her dreams.

“Knight, you bastard…!”

I died from his teeth.

In the wake of the quarrel with the second prince, he awakened to his childhood again. What do you need at a time like this? speed.

I immediately withdrew and fled to the territory of my father Shishiko.

Even if they weren’t accepted, if they had big secrets that would be revealed in the future, they wouldn’t be kicked out.

“You’re welcome, young lady!”

“Ah, I’m sorry! Since when did you become such an adult…?”

“This young lady walks on those sweet feet!”

…surprised? Why are you greeting me like that?

Is it my image?

STORY Baby squirrels are good at everything

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