Bloody Bastards Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) Bloody Bastards Mod Apk (Unlimited Money). Want to try a new and fun fighting game? Enjoy Bloody Bastards today and experience the physical fighting game Ragdoll. Unlock more weapons now!

The Middle Ages were brutal because people used swords all the time. It was a time when natural selection was very strong. People in those days were so ruthless that they could not win without sword skills. Bloody Bastards lets you enjoy a unique 2D fighting game with difficult characters to move. Fight your hated brother today and enjoy great rewards.

Bloody Bastard Mod Apk

This game by Tibith puts you in a medieval game with ragdoll physics. That means you don’t have full control over your character. Because there are challenges. Fight more idiots today and unlock different types of weapons. These weapons include sticks, swords, knives, axes, hammers, and more. You can also unlock over 100 pieces of gear for him to protect in battle. There are thousands of levels to complete today!

Medieval Battles

There are many types of action and fighting games for mobile today. If you want some action, today you can choose from a variety of games to fight. Also, you can enjoy a lot of fun battles and players. However, not all fighting games are created equal, as there are some junk games out there. So if you want to get away from it all, we recommend playing Bloody Busters right now.

This game is unlike any other you have ever played just because it offers unique gameplay and themes. The game has a medieval setting where knights wore steel armor and were ruthless. In this game you will face off against a bunch of bastards who dare to oppose you! Then you can take lessons with different weapons such as swords, hammers, knives and axes.

You can also equip many pieces of equipment such as shields, body armor, and boots to protect yourself. Moreover, today you can play in different locations with different levels. Enjoy playing against opponents with different play styles!

Features of Bloody Busters

Want to fight medieval people? Enjoy Bloody Busters today and fight to your heart’s content.

Medieval Battle

In case you didn’t know, the Middle Ages were brutal. Knights wore very heavy armor and weapons and were often a fighting people. But if it’s your free time, today you can play Bloody Bastards, which is a very fun game to fight against many brawlers today.

Here you can enjoy different opponents with unique weapons and different armors. You can also equip different weapons such as swords, knives, and hammers! Combine different gears from head to torso to legs in this fun game. Enjoy the unique ragdoll physics that make this game fun today. It is not easily balanced and requires exceptional skill and strategy to win. Plus, push your battles to the limit and the more weapons you unlock, the more victories you can win!

Use Multiple Weapons

Packed with clubs, whips, hammers, knives, axes, swords and more! Use your weapon of choice today while battling countless others. Again, your opponents are using different types of weapons. Then you must use your own strategy to win and beat your opponents.

Equip 100 or More Gears

Well equipped here. In fact, there are over 100 that can be used in combination. You can choose thick clothes, helmets and trousers to protect yourself. Or if you have enough money. You can totally rock the golden armor that makes you look like royalty. Armor protects you from others who might stab you. Most importantly, it looks cool and can be upgraded!

Face many tough opponents

Here you will come across many opponents who start off easy. With thousands of levels to master, you will face many enemies today. Each has different weapons and gear, and climbing faces more difficult ones. Here you will face off against the best available opponents while showing off your skills.

another place

There are various places to fight, such as plains and fields. Let’s enjoy various places today!

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